Here & Now 1978
A second Planet Gong tour was organised for March-April 1978. One the eve of the tour Daevid and Gilli pulled out, and Here & Now did the tour in our own right. During this tour the Planet Gong live album was released, but Planet Gong had ceased to exist. Daevid kindly said we were free to continue using the name Planet Gong, but we were unanimous in being Here & Now again.
©here & now 1978
Stonehenge Festival June 1978
I was at the Stonehenge Festival performance on 20
June 1978, as well as ten other 1978 gigs and three during 1979.  
I went to Stonehenge with no idea of when Here & Now would play.  
As I was hiking across the fields from the nearest bus stop, I could hear the
sounds of a band doing a soundcheck.  After I arrived, set up my tent,
placed my pack inside, I emerged as the chords to the opening number
were struck.  It was Here & Now, one of the primary reasons I went to
the festival.  The set was quite good as I recall.  Seeing the solstice
sun rise over the heel stone was even better.

Here & Now and Alternative TV at Stonehenge 1978. Back: Keith (on tip-toe), Kif Kif, Granto (on tip-toe), Mark P (ATV), Steffe, Dennis Burns (ATV) Jonathan Barnett ,a rather pregnant Suze the Blues. ..Front: Gavin da Blitz, Chris (drummer, ATV) Mick?? (Guitarist, ATV), Ano, Marie-Clair, Honeybunch Kominski-dog (rear-end of) Richard of the H&N crew.

This pic is from the cover of the live album - 'What You See Is What You Are' Which is one side H&N one side ATV. The Her and Now side was recorded at the1978 Stonehenge Free Festival. Wags at ATV's punky record company managed to get away with pressing the first 1000 copies with the H&N side recorded BACKWARDS!




Stonehenge 1978. Here & Now with ATV in colour - pic by Annie M.
Back row - Chris (ATV), Kif Kif, Dennis (ATV)
Front - Mick (ATV), Granto and his feet, Mark (ATV), Keith, Steffe, Marie-Claire, Gavin

1978 was an incredibly hard-working year for Here and Now.



But we did get a new lease of life from asserting our free-only policy.


The two jams "Summer's Coming" (featuring a visit from Gilli) and "Strawberry" and "Hairy Barber" (all recorded live in 1978 and included on the album 'Gospel of Free') show that we had reconnected with much of our early spirit.


And there's evidence of the technical progress made in that year or two.





Deeply Vale was a wonderful (and unusually well-organised) free festival.

The Deeply vale site. pic : Craig Mitchell




We played late on Friday night, and then a laid back set on the Sunday afternoon.

Here and Now on a Sunday afternoon at Deeply Vale Free Festival 1978 - pic : Craig Mitchell

Text - Frank Honest (taken from 'Gospel of Free' booklet)

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