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vaults 74

hello. Nice to know of you. My name is Julio and I was one of the few spanish living in powis terrace to know you and that was in the windsor festival 1974 and also in the journey to walles in that old bilding playing music in the country taking girlfriend belinda I remember so many things...the troubles in the night...tony martinez..kif with his drums and always smilling..I´ll keep in touch with you...till the next ..peace%love

vaults 75

I first fell over Here & Now in 1975 at Stonehenge Festival. The music blew me away, 
During 1976 I began working at bit information & help service in west London. BIT, an
alternative information Exchange, helped create the Stonehenge festivals in 1976, 1977
and I was able to see many of the concerts during that year.
For those that remember, there was a STONED HENGE NEWSLETTER published twice a day at
both the 1976 and 1977 festivals and I was the one who was crazy enough to write them.
The cartoons on each newsletter were all made by different people.
From the 1976 Stonehenge, I travelled to the Rhayder Festival in Wales, where I remember
a band called Solar Ben. I've never seen them before or since, but bloody amazing band
I spent the whole of that festival as the Medic, leaving with the nickname of Dr.
Crippen, and there are still people who call me that today.
BIT also organised the Glastonbury 7/7/77 Festival, and I managed to catch Here & Now
several times in those days, Under the flyover in Acklam Hall (I think it was called, the
memory is a little faded now), and I've caught them recently at what used to be the
Woolwich Tramshed (I can't remember the new name of it)
Love to you all, stumbling over these web pages have brought back some happy memories.

First saw here and now when in 1975 or 76 when I was 12. playing a free gig at 
ceries bakery (prob spelt wrong) under a flyover in London. I remember having my 
skateboard nicked, green cryptonics and all. I can remember them coming round
 with a bucket for a collection for deisel. Seem to recollect a reggae band
used  to gig with them?  Any names? Also saw them play at clarendon, mile end a
 few years later. Had a tape of it for years but long gone now.

vaults 76

Meigan 1976 - I did my first trip at my first festival during which I saw the band for the first time, all I can say is big love to all concerned. Chris x



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vaults 77

From:  Nick Robinson

First memories
The first time I saw H&N, or at least most parts of H&N, or at least I
always thought it was parts of H&N, was before Planet Gong etc (so was it
1976 or early 77?).  I was at a late/all night gig at an old cinema in
Brighton.  There were a number of bands on the bill - I think; Tim Blake,
Visitor 2035, Basil Brooks (I don't think it was Zorch, but...), anyway
after the last band had finished in the early hours of the morning, before
the roadies started to dismantle the equipment, some guys climbed up from
the audience , picked up the gear and started playing,  and it was the most
amazing, energising, invigorating, zappy space rock that just blew us all
So tell me, am I right? or is my memory playing tricks?

Dave Reece also remembers that Brighton all-nighter - from a different perspective:
> This is Dave Reece one time drummer with Blank Space. Can only
> remember little bits of those days, but have still got a demo
> cassette of the band and do you know what it sounds OK. I remember
> trying to do a Free Maruana Gig (with Here & Now) at some university (Brighton). We waited all
> night to get on and never made it so we came home. Mind you we had
> a great brekky on the way back. Did Dick ever make it as an artist?
> I remember Nick the bass player but can't think of the fiddle
> players name can only remember he eat shedloads of cough sweets. I
> also remember a gig at the tabernacle? Tum te Tum
Reply from kk:
Hey Dave!
Great to get your email.
Really sorry about the Brighton all-niter - i still have pangs of shame about you dudes not getting on (after i promised you would, and Jose drove us all there!) think that was 1977 - 29 yrs ago.
There's a link to Dick's website on this site: its in the "here and now vaults"- click the link for "1974" or 1975 can't remember which one now - he's referred to as Richard Heley these days, i guess he musta made it : )

vaults 78

I came upon your website and was delighted to see the photo of the band at Southampton in
1978! I was at that show! Officially it was open to students only (it was in the
University Student Union) and I was turned away at the door by the security guard. But I
ran into some of you outside and you said "Here, just carry these cables" and we all
walked in together ("I'm with the band!").
The show was amazing - I was completely blown away. I loved the music as well as the
whole philosophy behind the band (and yes, I donated to the hat that was passed around to
buy baked beans!). I immediately bought a copy of the album and several of you signed it
for me - I still have it, as well as the 'newsletter' you were also giving out about the
band, poetry, etc. It's probably a historical document by now! I was so enthused about
the band, I went to see you again about 2 weeks later in Canterbury at the University of
Kent where my girlfriend (now my wife) was studying.
I've been living near San Francisco for the past 20 years now, and it was great to see
Steffe again a few years ago when Gong came through. Boy, they made him work hard!
Guitars, keyboards, he did it all! ;) I was right at the front for that one, right in
front of Steffe. I thought he was great with Gong - too bad he doesn't seem to play with
them these days.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how great it was to see the Southampton photo on
your site. It brought back some wondeful memories... Keep up the good work!!
- Martin

Hi i just found your site very nostalgic to behold i must say jolly good job!
  in reference to the here and now vaults and twinks green police bus [1961 petrol
engine] reg no. 651DJJ  i  can reveal  that it was purchased  from gary LB  cowan  in
summer  of 1979  in Amsterdam by a group of amsterdam hippies who were also here and now
fans and driven about for some time by me Rory Campbell former resident of grosvener road
twickers squat, broadmead hampton stately mansion squat and finally 16 galsworthy rd
kingston squat, untill sometime in 1980 when it was vandalised and subsequently towed
away by the Amsterdam cops and sadly scrapped before we could rescue it! last time i saw
here and now was here in the summer of 1979 when the band minus kifkif and twink
performed outside on wasteland where the modern town hall now is and the same night
managed to persuade the famous MELKWEG  or MILKYWAY club to allow them to perform a free
'busking' gig on a Tuesday night when it would otherwise be closed. After living all over
europe im residing in amsterdam getting my kicks as a freelance keyboard player.
       greetings to you all and look me up if youre ever in amsterdam. Rory.