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These tales received during 2007/2008


Hey Kif Kif,

Take it easy and get well soon!

I keep meaning to write something for the vaults but never
get round to it...those days were great, we saw H&N loads of
times on the free tours and at free festivals in the 70's.
Each time I look at the back of the 'What you see is what
you are' album sleeve I remember the night outside Eric's
when we changed the number on the old tour bus to 777 before
one of your great gigs - and there it is at Stonehenge
festival with our handy work in all it's glory! My only
claim to fame, or the only one I think is worth anything.
Those days changed my life!


Colin (Russ)

reply: Hey i remember that night we changed the number! Thanks for your help! - Love, kk


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Hi, just stumbled onto the news that Suze has moved on ahead. Realised that I have been too far out in the wilderness for too long, would like to know more abt whats happening. Good to hear from any who still remember, also I see from the pics that Ani Ano Anne has been around, oh it would be so good to be in touch with more chaos again, so pleased that Twink, Steffie & Kif Kif are all happening & that Shanks is still doing it

Love peace 'n all that ol stuff

 'Jade, once  from Stoneleigh St, now considering free fall & re-entry.

reply: Hey Jade! Great to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words. I'll forward any emails to you.. - Lots of love, kk


And a nice long tale from a veteran Scots propeller head:

Attempted to post this to vaults section.. but it bounced... here goes-

Late '77: I was a fifteen year old in Fife, Scotland when I and some schoolfriends eagerly bought advance tickets for some unheard of Gong incarnation named Planet Gong, scheduled to play some lecture theatre at an Edinburgh university, I think in the Potter Row. Intriguing and exciting... and I think, only 99p a ticket. The previous week we had been to see Hillage in Edinburgh as it worked out... I'd seen there some loons in Gong/D Allen inspired propeller topped pixie hats there.

Round about then there was a Planet Gong lp with an eye blisteringly bright Cover with Daevid Allen's pixie graphics and an invitation to steal the album. I think the tour was called L'Anarchie Flottante 77... or Floating Anarchy... I was just an uninformed schoolkid who looked older due to massive, bushy dark hair, described by my granny as looking like 'a cow looking through a hedge'; I thought the Band's reference to anarchy was attempt to glom onto the punk phenomenon... but didn't know about squatting communities that had been into anarchy for years before. It was, on reflection an early attempt to unite punks and hippies, something that was on the cards despite the initial mutual exclusion... The boundaries proved less real in the long run... it must have been the start of 'crusty' once punks began playing free festivals like Deeply Vale.

I turned up excited, enjoyed the show... had made myself a tall pixy hat with propellor and looked a right dick. I rescued some scrapped audio tape of the band's from the hall floor and later wound it around various shit on my adolescent mess of a bedroom wall.  
I remember Daevid Allen... it was my first Gong live experience... I'd been a big fan since about 12 yrs old.... Gilli? I think she was there but possibly not... Gavinda B on a beautiful synth or something lit up like a 30s art deco radio or suchlike, unless i am mistaken... Keith Da Missile Bass... Steffi S... KK on drums...
and at least 2 females... one who's diaphanous garment kept revealing bare breast... Which was... somewhat fascinating to a young pup of hormonal turmoil...
After the show I got backstage... made a tit and a pest of myself mixing with the band... dumb questions, dorky behaviour, as likely near dumbstruck with desire for the females.. probably Sooz... probably Annie Wombat... probably both of them... It would have been blindingly obvious to them and I think Sooz... out of kindness and good heartedness gave me a consolatory orange...
I think Daevid ridiculed me somewhat... quite disheartening and harsh to a near child, he probably thought I was older and was perplexed by my adulation, nervous chatter, dumb questions and immaturity. I hung around being more of a pest for a while... trying the patience of a rather taciturn Keith the Bass as well as Daevid Allen... eventually took the hint and effed off to doss down somewhere on a river bank or something.. probably the first time I'd ever roughed it... no blanket or anything brrr....
Next time I saw Here and Now... early in 78 free show at Stirling University... A student tried to stop me going in... Where's your student card? You can't come in without a card ... Then I recognised Stefi Sharpstring in red bandana.... He walked me into the show... a little bemused that the guy on the door was being such a jobsy wankworth. The fall and either 999 or The Tools were supporting... The Fall blew me away... I was a fan from the instant they started up with then current single 'It's the New Other Thing'. Here and NOw... I must've enjoyed immensely... there were hand out leaflets about Chi and fruitarianism or something... it was a memorable show.

Next I saw H&N at Deeply Vale maybe the same year... 78. I can hardly remember a thing... except thundering insistent bass scale of one of their well known tunes that I had on the cheapo lp with the wonderful ATV side...
I slept wrapped in plastic groundsheet of the beer tent near the entrance to the site...
There was some beautiful hippy chick from South Wales a fair bit older keeping shop... I shyly kept chatting her up... she gave me an apple... 
Fucking great.. first a consolation orange off of lovely kind Sooz... now an apple from this other one... I don't think it was an Eve apple of temptation unfortunately.
Yeh it's difficult as a schoolguy discovering free festivals and hitch hiking hundreds of miles. I wasn't very clued in... but I had a lot of fun and adventure...
There was a band called the Androids of Mu at Deeply, played half the night.... another chick singer with diaphanous top blowing around revealing bare breasts... and I was well impressed. I read recently Sooz was in that band too... but I don't think it was her on the stage singing... i'm very sure of it.

May have seen The Fall again at Deeply... I am sure i had a brilliant time... got a lift back to Fife with a guy called jesus in his VW camper... and the last thing i did was learn why you don't slam a sliding VW door by holding the back edge of it like a stoned prick... Owwwwwwwwchhhhh 

That's about it.... vague news of band members such as Stefi came through the grapevine in mid 90s... my best mate, had earlier in 90s dated a chick who became Stefi's girfriend or something.. and I met her a few times... (is this name-dropping?)... My mate now has a girlfriend and kids in Latimer Rd... which is near another bit of band history but before my time... He's still a well known character round the Grove... probably some of you would know him from around and about.
Take care 

Keltyk Kif

reply: Blimey, thirty years on and still grooving! Thanks a lot Keltyk K, i love your tale, and i will try and clear the vaults email box of spam (don't you just love spam). love from other kif.


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