Easy Maintenance

(now Ici Maintenants)


In the cunning guise of "Easy Maintenance", Veteran Fluffy-types Twink, Kif Kif and Steffe of the 1970's "Here & Now" and "Planet Gong" came together again after almost 25 years, in Glastonbury, at the Summer Solstice of 2001.

Above: original flyer

On a magical night, in the midst of a midsummer heatwave, they were joined by bassist Tim Hall at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms and played a totally improvised set that brought memories of the 70's Free Festivals flooding back.

To add to the sense of occasion, the band had cancelled all plans of rehearsing, and took to the stage never (apart from a short soundcheck) having played together before!

For those not able to be at the show, the gifted Graham Hinton was on hand to make a multitrack recording, and the grooviest bits are now available as the CD 'Space and Time'.