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This CD is pure Cosmic Bliss.... best thing I've heard in ages.
but what does the name mean ???
Phil E


...i much prefer the Ici Maintenants sound to that of the current Here and Now band (despite the excellence of Joie Hinton on synthie...) Ici Maintenants somehow come across as so fresh and spontaneous in their sound, perhaps because they play together so infrequently...
70's youth


..there really is not much singing - my only dissolution with this great great album. Its not Here & Now as they used to be. It is more don't- do-something-just-stand-there "stoned" brainrelaxing chillout spacemuzak with a vegetal reggae-groove. ("spacemuzak" is positive statement in case you are in doubt).




Having listened to it what can I say apart from, Wahooooo. This is just amazing, Steffe is just an incredible guitarist at the best of times but this peice of free floating live excellence just picks you up and takes you soaring through the ethers, this is space rock at it's most intense and beautiful.
If you have not ordered it yet and are hesitating don't wait do it now before they are all gone.


The new CD is superb, listened to it on the way home from the Fawcett gig.
Joss M


it's better than ' Gospel of Free' my copy arrived at 7 ths morning I haven't stopped playing it all day!!!!!!!